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In our world today, the present economic situation highlights that, having academic knowledge is no longer sufficient for a new graduate to be able to be financially successful. This is because, the school system mostly focuses on the theoretical aspect of things and dependency on a one-income stream.

This is why Dr William Anarfi Sarpong Kwaku has teamed up with other seasoned entrepreneurs to start the WASK Millionaire community.


This is a platform where individuals who are willing to defy all the odds and create multiple income streams, start their own businesses or network with other up-coming WASK Millionaires are empowered to enable them transform the world in which they live in.  

As a member of the WASK Millionaires, you will be able to strengthen or sharpen your branding skills, the retrieval and handling of information, public speaking, content creation, personal development, business planning & proposal, boosting social media following, among others.

The ultimate goal of this community is to give a highly realistic experience of how the startup and building up of a company goes. Members will be provided with the ability to recognize commercial opportunities. It also includes enablement in opportunity recognition, commercializing a concept, managing resources, initiating a business venture and outsourcing for funds/ investments.

Needless to say, having a culture of creating a new enterprise is a critical aspect of this group, as it will encourage members to take the risk of starting a business.

This dedicated community of members will have the opportunity to connect with professionals in every field. Thus, connecting with leaders, innovators, professionals in every industry whiles actively looking to build relationships with top-tier talents.  

  • To build a community where young people are empowered to take responsibility for their personal and professional future by creating and developing their own business ideas as they seek to achieve financial independence.  

  • To promote entrepreneurship opportunities for our members and encourage them by providing the knowledge, resources and support necessary to create their own start - up business which in turn will enhance their respective economies.

  • To empower our members so as to enable them diversify and dive into new entrepreneurial ventures aside their professional jobs in order to achieve financial freedom.

  • Upon completion of the WASK Millionaire transformational classes, you will have learnt how to condition your mind (M) to be wealthy (W). Through your accountability (A) to the management, you will learn (L) how to be of service (S) to humanity with integrity (I), possess the knowledge (K) of the business opportunity (O) you want to start (S), understood the risk (R) involved and how to execute (E) the business well. As innovation (I) and ingenuity (I) is a key element in every successful millionaire, you will be given opportunities to nurture (N) these attributes through leadership (L) trainings and real live role-plays on assets (A) management.